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Talking Health LogoWe want to hear your views! This page shows the current patient and public engagement opportunities at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG). These are all available for you to respond to and have your say. You can see more information about a particular engagement or consultation activity by clicking on the project name.

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Current Activities

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  • SEND Consultation Closed Featured

    Oxfordshire County Council are running two consultations on plans to develop a more inclusive approach to supporting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in Oxfordshire.

    Open from 10 Jan 2022 to 10 Mar 2022

  • Older People's Strategy for Consultation: Living Longer, Living Better Closed Featured

    This draft strategy prepared for consultation follows on from the 2013 - 2016 Oxfordshire Older People’s Joint Commissioning Strategy (extended until 2018). The new vision and priorities were co-produced with a wide range of people whose work and lives the strategy affects. This included; members of the public, service users, patients and their families, clinicians, local councillors, commissioning and service managers and third sector organisations.

    Open from 07 Dec 2018 to 01 Feb 2019

  • The Big Health and Care Conversation Closed Featured

    The NHS in Oxfordshire is calling on young people, parents, patients, carers and people who live and work in Oxfordshire to have their say on how health care is delivered. Events are being held to encourage people to ‘drop in’ and have an informal conversation with NHS clinicians and staff to share their ideas on how NHS services in Oxfordshire can deliver high quality care now and in the future.

    Open from 04 Jul 2016 to 13 Jan 2017

  • Townlands Hospital, Henley-on-Thames Complete Featured

    We are gathering views and feedback on our proposals for future services at Townlands Hospital in Henley. The CCG has been discussing developments and the need to change the original service offer with local providers, local GP’s and the Townlands Steering Group. As part of this work we want to understand the public point of view about the proposed changes to services in Townlands Hospital.

    Open from 13 May 2015 to 24 Sep 2015

  • Diabetes Patient Information Survey Closed Featured

    We would like to know what types of information would be useful to you in managing your Diabetes.

    Open from 28 Jul 2015 to 31 Aug 2015

  • NHS111 Closed Featured

    Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Thames Valley are currently reviewing the 11 1 telephone helpline service. Whether or not you have used the service, we welcome your response to our questionnaire

    Open from 15 Jul 2015 to 30 Jul 2015

  • OCCGs Patient and Public Engagement Strategy 2015 - 2019 Complete Featured

    This strategy sets out our approach to patient and public engagement. It is based on the principle of the importance of open and two way dialogue with patients, the public and key stakeholders. It also acknowledges Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s (OCCG’s) statutory responsibilities and the NHS commitment to involve patients in the way in which health services are planned and managed.

    Open from 20 Mar 2015 to 10 May 2015

  • The Big Plan: Oxfordshire's Learning Disability Strategy 2015 - 2018 Closed Featured

    In the plan, drafted by Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, we set out proposals for how services for adults with learning disabilities could be provided in Oxfordshire.

    Open from 11 Nov 2014 to 09 Feb 2015

  • Banbury Health Centre - We want to find out what's important to you Closed Featured

    As the contract for the provision of the service is coming to an end, a way forward for the service needs to be agreed. As such NHS England Thames Valley Area Team (TVAT) is undertaking a review of the service, part of which includes understanding the views of the patients using the service and of the local population.

    Open from 08 Dec 2014 to 18 Jan 2015

  • Musculoskeletal Integrated Pathway Review Project Complete Featured

    We would like to ask how you use Musculoskeletal Services and your views on developing them for the future. Areas being reviewed within the Musculoskeletal services include; - Referrals, triage and initial assessment - Orthopaedics - Rheumatology - Podiatry - Orthotics - Spinal (neck and back) - Physiotherapy We are seeking your views to improve the current services and ensure that musculoskeletal services in Oxfordshire, offer patients the right care at the right place at the right time.

    Open from 21 Nov 2014 to 09 Jan 2015

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