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The NHS has reflected on the experience of running Phase 1 of the Oxfordshire Transformation Programme. We understand that we need to learn from the experience and approach the improvement of local services in a very different manner.

Alongside this, a recent Care Quality Commission Local System Review has emphasised the need for much better health and social care planning together and the need for an overarching vision and strategy for health and care in Oxfordshire.

We understand that the best service improvements are those where patients, the wider public and key stakeholders (including local authorities, the voluntary sector and our social care partners) work together to co-design services based upon the health and care needs of the local population. We need to break down organisational barriers and work in a much more integrated way to improve care for residents and patients in Oxfordshire.

We therefore recognise the need to progress with the next phase in a very different way.

We need to listen to local people and understand better at local level how to work in a more integrated way to improve care for residents and patients in Oxfordshire.

Going forward, system leaders will bring together our individual organisation’s strategies to ensure we have one over-arching strategy, owned by the Health and Wellbeing Board. Over the next few weeks we will describe how we plan to work with the public and other stakeholders in looking at the population’s health and care needs in order to develop together a health and social care system that is fit for the future.



In June 2016, NHS organisations across Oxfordshire launched ‘The Big Health and Care Conversation’.  This was an opportunity for NHS leaders, doctors, nurses and other staff to discuss with the public, the voluntary sector and patient representatives the opportunities to improve health care for patients, the challenges the NHS is facing, and what we are doing about this. 

We know that treatments including medication and surgery are always improving and the evidence about how to get the best outcomes for patients can mean changing the way we do things. We want to make sure quality of care is at the heart of what we do and this means being prepared to do things differently for the benefit of all.

We also know that lifestyle choices can affect our health. The most important are smoking, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, all contributing to diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Treating these long term conditions affects people’s lives as well as the NHS budget. The more we can do to prevent ill health the better for us all.

The need to help people develop healthier lifestyles to prevent some of these illnesses is becoming urgent. We are facing increased pressures on GP and hospital services. Some of our buildings and equipment are old, expensive to maintain safely and do not provide good quality care for patients.  It is a struggle to recruit and keep the NHS staff we need to ensure our services are safe and high quality.  We also know that the current budgets for NHS services will not cover the demand for them without changes over the next few years. All of this affects how we can provide patient care and increases the pressures on our finances.

The Oxfordshire Transformation Programme has considered how we want to develop and improve health services in Oxfordshire, including some immediate changes we propose to make.

Our work has also been fed into an over-arching five year plan (called a Sustainability and Transformation Plan or STP) across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West (referred to as the BOB STP) which sets out how we plan to bring about the changes we all need to make.




discussion Download and read the consultation report, here.
documents-158461_640 Download and read the consultation documents, click here

Read the questions and answers that were submitted at public consultation events 26 January 2017 - 23 March 2017, but not responded to at the events because of time pressures or the information requested was not immediately available.




The videos from the consultation events can be seen on our YouTube site here and a copy of the presentation is available for download here


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    2 Mar 2018 at 09:00
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  • Young people
  • Older people
  • Carers
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autism / Aspergers
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Long Term Conditions e.g. diabetes, neurological conditions
  • Cancer
  • Cardiac
  • Stroke
  • Public health issues e.g. smoking, weight management
  • Women's health issues
  • Black, minority and ethnic health issues
  • Community Hospitals
  • Joint health and social care issues
Which locality (local area in Oxfordshire) is this for:
  • Oxford City
  • North Oxfordshire
  • North East Oxfordshire
  • South West Oxfordshire
  • South East Oxfordshire
  • West Oxfordshire
Target Audience
  • All residents
  • Children
  • Young people
  • Families and parents
  • Older people
  • Carers
  • GPs
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Opticians
  • Staff
  • People with a disability
  • People with mental health issues
  • Councillors
  • Businesses
  • Public sector organisations
  • Charities
  • Community groups