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Q: Why are the partners at Cogges Surgery handing back their contract?

A: The partners have given six months’ notice to hand back the contract they hold for providing GP services from Cogges Surgery to approximately 7,700 people in Witney and some surrounding villages due to increasing pressures they face in maintaining services at the practice.
These include the increasing workload demands and challenges in maintaining high quality services, along with uncertainty faced by smaller practices (in light of the national GP Forward View) all of which have contributed to a failure to recruit new GP partners since the departure of two GP partners over the last few years.

Q: Does that mean Cogges Surgery will close?

A: The GP partners have given notice and will continue to provide care for their patients for a minimum notice period of six months. Our process now is to explore local solutions that allow GP services to continue at Cogges Surgery. However if this is not successful we will need to look to procure a new provider for the practice. Patient feedback and comments will be essential in determining the best outcome for the Cogges Surgery.

Q: I am a patient of Cogges Surgery, what do I need to do?

A: You do not need to do anything. We will write to you if we need you to take any actions. The CCG and practice will continue to keep patients update through the OCCG website. We ask that you allow the GPs and staff at the practice to continue to provide the good quality care and refrain from asking them about the current position.


Q: Will I have a GP after January 2019, at the end of the contract?

A: Yes.
Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) is responsible for ensuring every resident in Oxfordshire can register with a local GP. OCCG is working with the GPs at Cogges and with other local practices to look at the possible options and will keep patients informed as this work progresses.

Q: What happens about repeat prescriptions if there is a change?

A: Patients who have a repeat prescription will continue to be supported by their GP at Cogges Surgery until the end of the contract. Patients will be informed in good time if there are new arrangements put in place. Until then, patients do not need to do anything.

Q: What approaches have the practice/CCG tried already to keep the practice open?

A: The GP partners at Cogges Surgery have been trying to recruit new partner GPs to the practice for some time with no success. They have managed to recruit salaried GPs but these GPs do not take any responsibility for running the practice which is complex. The two remaining partner GPs have also discussed the possibility of merging with neighbouring practices but this did not result in a solution that would have kept services at the Cogges practice.

The first action taken by OCCG was to write to all practices in Oxfordshire to ask if there is any interest in running a branch surgery at Cogges. Once responses have been received, OCCG will review the possible options.

Q: Should I move to another practice now?

A: No.
The GPs at Cogges Surgery and OCCG are encouraging patients not to move practices at this stage. The GPs at Cogges are committed to caring for you and all their patients and will continue to do so until the end of their contract.

If large numbers of patients were to leave the practice it would add pressure to neighbouring practices without the planned support they would need.  It also reduces the size of Cogges' patient list making it more difficult to find an alternative provider (The financial viability and long term sustainability of a GP practice is related to the number of patients registered with it).
We cannot confirm yet if there will be any change to services provided at the surgery and it is possible that a solution could be found, keeping services at Cogges Surgery that will mean little change for you and other patients.

We will keep you informed over the coming weeks and months through the CCG website and will write to you if you need to do anything.

Q: Can the other GP practices cope with an influx of 7,700 patients?

A: At this stage we are still exploring options to continue to provide GP services from Cogges Surgery. If there was no viable option for maintaining services at Cogges, OCCG would work with neighbouring practices to ensure they had enough support and staffing to deal with additional patients.

Patients registered with Cogges are asked not to do anything at this stage as explained above.

Q: How are patients being kept informed?

A: OCCG has written to all patients aged over 16 who are registered with Cogges Surgery. The letter is published on OCCG website here.

Every patient will have an individual letter. There will be some households who will receive more than one letter but these will be addressed individually and it is important that every patient has the information they need.


Q:  How are you using the views of patients at Cogges to inform finding a solution?

A:  Following the meeting at the Cogges on 18 July we asked people to give us their details if they wished to be involved in working with us to find a solution for patients.  These individuals have now been contacted and we met with them on 7 August 2018.  The notes from that meeting are available here.  The group is made up of local councillors, patients of Cogges and patient representatives from the other practices in Witney and the surrounding area.  The group has helped us to write a letter to all patients over the age of 16 at Cogges Surgery.  The letter is available here   We will be using this group as a reference group to test ideas and solutions, this will ensure that the views of Cogges patients are foremost in our decision making.

We will be providing weekly updates which will be published (here) 

In addition to this, we will be providing regular updates to the Oxfordshire Health Overview and Scrutiny committee, and these will be published on this site.


Q:  What progress has the CCG made so far, to find a solution?

A:  We are working hard to find a solution that we hope will see services maintained at Cogges.  Before launching a procurement process for a new provider, we are exploring if there is a local solution available.  We are having discussions to see if a current Oxfordshire practice would be interested in running Cogges as a branch surgery. We have written to all GP practices in Oxfordshire to ask for expressions of interest by the end of August 2018.

While we are waiting for responses, we have developed a strategic case for health needs of this population and the expected growth in population/housing locally so that we can be ready if we do need to launch a procurement process. The size of the registered population is significantly higher than Deer Park and with the expected growth locally, we would expect this to be a more attractive opportunity for a new practice if we need to launch a procurement process.


Q:  What progress has the CCG made to find a solution for Cogges Surgery?

A:  The CCG has been actively working to find a solution.  This has included developing a strategic case and agreeing to seek a local solution first which could maintain services at Cogges Surgery. 

We have written to all Oxfordshire GP practices asking for expressions of interest for running a branch surgery at Cogges.  If more than one practice is interested then we will compare what each would provide to find the best solution via a ‘mini competition’.  It should be known by end of October if a local solution has been found. 

For more information please click here to see a paper that describes the options and approach to finding a local solution.


Q:  The Patient Reference Group asked for a timeline of your work, can this be provided?

A:  The timeline is now available here 



Q:  What progress has been made since last week?

A:  We are very pleased and encouraged to have received more than one expression of interest to run a branch surgery at Cogges Surgery and we are putting together  a selection process for these applications.

This is our preferred option for finding a solution for patients registered at Cogges.


Q:  Where are decisions about Cogges Surgery made?

A:  Decisions about Cogges Surgery are made at the Oxfordshire Primary Care Co-Commissioning Committee which is a sub-committee of the CCG Board.  All papers and minutes are published here.


Q:  What progress is being made to find an alternative provider willing to continue to provide services at Cogges?

A:  As previously stated, we have asked for expressions of interest from Oxfordshire GP practices and have had more than one response. At this stage we are reviewing these. We have also provided an update to Oxfordshire Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee for their meeting in public on 20 September.


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